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The best prices for custom group lessons in Prague...

Please view our pricing table below.  Our custom group lessons are guaranteed to accommodate your learning needs while offering the best prices in Prague.  Whether your group learns best in a classroom setting, at home or in the office – we can service your lessons either onsite or online!

Our Group Lesson prices are divided into three tiers, depending on your group size: Tier 1 (3-4 students), Tier 2 (5-6 students) and Tier 3 (7-8 students).  Please note that the prices displayed in the table below are shown as individual student pricing.

If you and your friends would like to know your fluency levels before booking a group lesson, simply follow this link to our Spanish, English and Czech placement exams!

Price Table

For onsite and online lessons

Tier 1 Pricing: 3-4 Students

Tier 2 Pricing: 5-6 Students

Tier 3 Pricing: 7-8 Students