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Corporate Package

Let us help your company address the demands of an increasingly globalised world.

Our highly experienced instructors are able to further your company’s global reach by offering customised private, semi-private or group lessons that are specific to your company’s needs.

On top of the competitive prices we offer for our corporate clients, we also ensure that our lessons are:

  • Suitable for all fluency levels of your staff.
  • Customised to private, small or medium-sized group learning.
  • Tailored to your company’s language skill level.
  • Flexible to accommodate your courses either at our facility or at the convenience of your office via in-person or online lessons.

Interested in registering for a customised corporate lesson? Book the right lesson from the buttons below.


For onsite and online lessons

Private Lessons: Onsite Pricing

Private Lessons: Online Pricing

Semi-Private Lessons: Onsite and Online Pricing

Tier 1 Pricing: 3-4 Clients (Onsite and Online Pricing)

Tier 2 Pricing: 5-6 Clients (Onsite and Online Pricing)

Tier 3 Pricing: 7-8 Clients (Onsite and Online Pricing)

Any questions?

Take a look at some of our FAQs...

I need to learn a language quickly for my new job position. What options can you offer?

This is actually a very common request we receive.  For this circumstance, we recommend you register for our Private, 1:1 lessons.  Let’s say you need to learn as much as possible over a period as short as two weeks.  We can offer as much as three-hour lessons/day inasmuch as 5 days/week to help further your fluency level.  Should you want a more stringent or relaxed curriculum, that’s also an option.  Simply write us in our Contact Us page to specify your needs.

Is it possible to learn a language with a group of my colleagues?

Of course! We actually find that learning with familiar faces helps the learning process by creating a friendly atmosphere while harnessing the benefits of peer motivation.  We highly encourage group registration!

I want to learn a language with some colleagues but we’re all at different fluency levels. Is there a way we can still be a part of the same language lesson?

Typically, for your colleagues who need more language instruction, we would offer private lessons at a faster teaching speed.  This would prepare them for the level of your customised group curriculum.

What is your cancellation policy regarding previously-paid for lessons?

Our cancellation policy is simple: notify us within 24 hours of your scheduled lesson in order for us to reschedule your lesson for another time.  Unfortunately, any notification within the 24-hour window will result in a loss of lesson with no ability for a rescheduled lesson as form of compensation.

How can I pay for a corporate lesson?

Simply click on the desired lesson-type and follow the checkout procedure.  We currently accept payment in four methods: cash, bank transfer, PayPal, and credit/debit card.  For payment in credit/debit card, follow the checkout procedure as if you were paying via PayPal. When prompted, click on the “Pay with credit/debit card” button rather than create a PayPal account.

Still have a question? Drop us a line in our Contact Us page and we’ll be sure to get back to you as quickly as possible!