We understand the importance of quality teaching at a fair market value.

Because of this, we offer 60-minute lessons at a competitive price, while other language institutions offer a standard 45-minute lesson per person.

Whether you are a student, corporate professional or simply want to learn for fun, we guarantee to accommodate your learning needs through the different learning environments of either our customised or scheduled courses.

60 minutes lesson

Scheduled Courses

Price Table

Super-Intensive Courses

This is the best way to immerse yourself into the language. The 5x/week offering of our three-hour Super-Intensive Course makes this the most effective way to increase your fluency from basic level to proficient speaker!

Standard Courses

If your work-life schedule is bit more demanding, the flexibility of our standard course is your best choice. We offer to types of Standard Courses:

Once-a-Week course (3 hours per day).

Twice-a-Week course (1,5 hours per day).

Customised Lessons

Price Table

Semi-Private Lessons: Onsite and Online Pricing

Your perfect option if you learn best with a friend or loved one - our semi-private, two-to-one lessons can be just as flexible as our one-to-one lessons. Should this be of interest, simply reserve the lesson type of your choice through the buttons below.

Payment method

Direct bank transfer:

Account number: 2000744412/2010
IBAN: CZ3720100000002000744412

For payments done via Electronic Bank Transfer, please email either an electronic or scanned copy of the receipt to: info@sli-praha.cz with your name within the email’s subject line.

Cash on delivery



PayPal ID: sli.praha@gmail.com

We also accept...


All of this your prices are listed in Czech Korunas. Do you accept any other currency?

Outside of Korunas, we currently accept Euros as payment on cash-on-delivery.  The beauty behind electronic technology is that you can pay in any currency as long as it matches the course cost in Czech Korunas.  You have the additional option of paying via bank transfer, PayPal or credit/debit cards.  These methods allow you to pay for your registered course regardless of national currency.

I want to pay via an electronic bank transfer to your institute. How can I be sure that my money is sent through?

To be sure, we ask that you email us a scanned or electronic copy of your bank transfer receipt.  This will help us verify that you have successfully registered for the course.  Please email said receipt to: info@sli-praha.cz with your name, Order ID, and registered Course in the email’s Subject Line.

At the checkout window, I don’t see any options for credit or debit card payment. Do you accept credit or debit cards?

Yes we do! Simply follow the checkout procedure as if you were paying via PayPal.  When prompted, select the option “Pay with credit or debit card” and proceed from there.

Can I submit payment in multiple forms?

As long as sufficient payment is given for your registered course, we do accept multiple forms of payment.  However, we would greatly appreciate it if you keep it at one!