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Prime Student Programme

Continuity and consistency are the first steps toward fluency...

Our SLI Prime Student Programme is made for the highly motivated.  It’s designed for the student who wants a true grasp at language-learning in a consistent and continuous manner.

As an SLI Prime Student, you’ll be automatically enrolled into your very own multi-course curriculum, which will place you on a fast-track towards Proficient-level fluency in any of our three languages.

Take a look below at how you can enrol into our SLI Prime Student Programme today!

How does it work?

Choose your Language!

Whether it's Spanish, English or Czech, we can ensure that you'll be placed on a path towards fluency!

Figure out your Fluency Level

Next, through our initial appointment and language placement exam, we can figure out your current fluency level and assign you to the appropriate course. Find out your fluency by following the link on this title, 'Figure out your Fluency Level'!

Which learning track works best for you?

As long as you complete 60 hours of instruction in any course, you'll be able to progress to the next fluency level. You can choose from either our: 1 month, 2,5 month, or 5 month course-track. Course intensity can vary from Standard to Super-Intensive!

No need to worry about re-registering!

One of the many benefits of being enrolled in our Prime Student Programme is never having to worry about re-registering for the following higher fluency-level course. As a perk of being a Prime Student, you will automatically be enrolled into the next course following current course completion.


of being a Prime Student

Automatic Enrolment

As a Prime Student, you'll be enrolled into a continuous learning track that'll place you on the right trajectory towards language fluency! You'll never have to worry about registering for the next language course or wondering if your next class will be overbooked. Your spot is guaranteed for future courses!

Discounted Course Prices

On top of the competitive rates of our scheduled courses, as a Prime Student, you will receive a 10% discount for every subsequent language course you'll be enrolled into. This is conditional upon successful completion and full-payment of your very first course.

Fast track to Fluency!

The best part about our SLI Prime Student Programme is the ability to tailor your fluency-track from any of our available course timetables - whether that's a Super-Intensive one-month course track, a five-month Standard timetable, or anything else in between. The choice is yours!

Any Questions?

Take a look at some of our FAQs...

What's the purpose of this programme?

The SLI Prime Student Programme is aimed at providing our especially motivated students with a guaranteed track towards fluency!

What options do I have when choosing courses and timetables that fit my schedule?

As a Prime Student, your available courses/timetables can be found under our Course Schedule page.  After figuring out which course is your best fit, you can choose based upon our existing selections which course times are most accommodating for your schedule.  Please note that in order to satisfy language fluency-requirements, you must be enrolled in any of our 60-hour courses.  The options are:

  • Super-Intensive Courses:
    • One-month track
  • Intensive Courses:
    • 2,5 month track
  • Standard Courses:
    • Once-a-Week/Twice-a-Week Course
      • 5 month track

Following the completion of your current course, you will be automatically placed into the next course within the fluency level system.

How does the promotional discounted rate work?

As a Prime Student, you will be given a promotional 10% discount for the subsequent courses under your custom curriculum.  Please keep in mind that your initial course must be successfully completed (including adequate class attendance) and must be paid-in-full in order to qualify for the promotional rates of your subsequent courses.

Is it possible to become an SLI Prime Student if I'm already registered in a regular course?

Of course! It’s as simple as either notifying our staff through either our Contact Us page, email, or telling your current instructor.  Following completion of your current course, you’ll be automatically registered as an SLI Prime Student!

Can I leave the SLI Prime Student Programme at any time?

If you would like to transfer to a regular-track, you may do so at any time by simply notifying our staff via email at info@sli-praha.cz or through our Contact Us page. Request for complete cancellation of the SLI Prime Student Programme falls under our normal guidelines of cancellation.  You are eligible for a full-refund of any subsequent courses you didn’t take, provided that you notify us of cancellation at least 7 days prior to the start of your next class.

Still have a question? Drop us a line in our Contact Us page and we’ll be sure to get back to you as quickly as possible!