Course Schedule

Course Schedule

We believe languages transcend the textbook and classroom setting...

They afford you the opportunity to forge deeper connections with people across different cultures.  Let us be the bridge that leads to this connection!

At Spanish Language Institute, we offer small class-sized courses in our three areas of specialty: Spanish, English and Czech.  We ensure that classes are offered in a variety of fluency levels and at sensible times for our students.  Our courses are offered from Standard (once-a-week; twice-a-week) to Intensive (twice-a-week) and Super-Intensive (five-times-a-week) frequencies with options ranging from two-week to five month learning tracks.

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About our Courses

Our Standard, Intensive and Super-Intensive Course-types!

Standard Courses

Our Standard Courses are offered as 3-hour/week classes and can vary between a Once-a-Week (3 hour) class or Twice-a-Week (1,5 hour) class. For a course-track, you can choose either a one-month (12 hour) course for 2.160czk or five-month (60 hour) course for 9.720 czk. The five-month course is a part of our Full-Immersion Package and will equip you with the necessary tools to advance to the next fluency level!

Intensive Courses

Our Intensive Courses are offered as two 3-hour classes (6 hours/week) and can be also offered over the weekend. With our Intensive Course, you can choose either a one-month (24 hour) course for 3.600 czk or 2,5-month (60 hour) course for 8.100 czk. The 2,5-month course is a part of our Full-Immersion Package and will equip you with the necessary tools to advance to the next fluency level!

Super-Intensive Courses

These courses are offered Monday - Friday at 3 hours/class (15 hours/week). With our Super-Intensive Course, you can choose either a two-week (30 hour) course for 4.500 czk or 1 month (60 hour) course for 8.100 czk. The 1 month course is a part of our Full-Immersion Package and will equip you with the necessary tools to advance to the next fluency level!

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This table illustrates the pricing and structure of our scheduled courses!

Language-learning is just the beginning...

In addition to your courses, you will receive:

a cafe

Conversation Immersion

We immerse each student into the real world by offering a portion of our courses in practical locations…like the market, pharmacy or café.  This helps the student learn a language in more a sensible and quicker manner.

flamenco dancer

Cultural Events

As a student, you will be able to attend various language and cultural events planned by Spanish Language Institute with partnering cultural institutions around Prague.  Join us as we show our appreciation for the Spanish, English and Czech-speaking cultures!

people taking a selfie

Cultural Immersion Activities

Pub nights, cooking events, city tours…what more could you want when learning a new language? At Spanish Language Institute we offer cultural immersion activities for each student that goes beyond the classroom setting.

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Remember that you can always customise your own lesson! Find out more information under our Customise Your Lesson page.

Any Questions?

Take a look at some of our FAQs...

I want to join one of your courses but I’d like to first try out the class. Is there a way you can offer a trial lesson?

Of course! Simply write us on our Contact Us page for your complementary lesson.  Please keep in mind that this is only offered for our scheduled courses or customised group lessons.  We currently do not offer any complementary first-trial lessons for our private or semi-private customised lessons.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept payment in four methods: cash, bank transfer, PayPal, or credit/debit card.  For payment in credit/debit card, follow the checkout procedure as if you were paying via PayPal. When prompted, click on the “Pay with credit/debit card” button instead of creating a PayPal account.

Can I take more than once language course? How about multiple courses in different languages?

As long as your registered courses don’t overlap in time or location, you can take as many courses in as many languages as your heart desires!

I really want to learn a language but I’d prefer class to be taught in my native language. Is this possible?

We understand how comfortable it can be to learn a new language in your native language.  While we are working on expanding our pool of teaching resources, we currently offer the following interlingual courses:

  • English courses in Spanish.
  • Czech courses in Spanish.
  • Spanish courses in Czech.
  • Czech courses in Spanish.

I’ve already registered for the course but I realised another course better suits my timetable. Can I switch?

Of course! Keep in mind that you may have to pay the difference should the new course cost more than your current course.  Vice versa, we will be sure to refund any money should your new course cost less than your current course.

This course just isn’t right for me. What are my refund options?

Our refund policy requires the student notify us of any course cancellation at least 7 days prior to the date of that course.  Once this is satisfied, you will be entitled to a full refund of the subsequent classes you did not attend.

I really want to go to class but I’ll be out of town. Do you offer online live sessions of class?

At this time, you are able to attend live online language classes as part of our customised lesson plan.  This is done via Skype.

Still have a question? Drop us a line in our Contact Us page and we’ll be sure to get back to you as quickly as possible!