Our Vision

Given our increasingly globalised world, we at Spanish Language Institute endeavour to become the foremost language centre in Prague; with the aim of connecting the city's many different cultures, languages and nationalities.

How can we accomplish our vision?  By offering a variety of learning options concerning the intensity and type (private/group/online) of our classes.  Further, we organise group-learning programmes, team-building activities and cultural immersion events that allow students to immerse themselves in a language that stretches beyond the classroom setting.  To put it simply: we find ways to combine effective learning with a modern approach – all in an effort to connect people with people.

If you would like to gain a better understanding of our facility and teaching methods, feel free to come by for a complementary introductory class.  We’re located at Václavské nám. 58.  You can also visit our Contact Us page to send us a message if you would like more information!

Why Choose Us?









01. Equality

We offer inter-lingual courses in our three languages: Spanish, Czech and English - which guarantees an equal learning opportunity to all prospective students, regardless of native tongue.

02. Growth

Possessing a language skill opens up a plethora of new job opportunities, as well as adds to the marketability of your business skills. As a student of Spanish Language Institute, you will be able to address the demands of a globalised world by increasing your multilingual skill-set.

03. Discovery

Learning a language transcends the textbook and classroom setting. It affords you the opportunity to forge deeper connections with people across different cultures. Let Spanish Language Institute be the bridge that leads to this self-discovery.

04. Variety

Whether you are an independent learner or an active group participant, we guarantee to accommodate your learning needs through a variety of learning options such as our: One-to-One, Two-to-One, Group (3-8 students for Standard, Intensive and Super-Intensive Courses) and Online Lessons.

Our Facility

We believe in providing our students with an unparalleled learning experience - and it starts with our state of the art facility, located in the heart of Prague. Each student has access to our institute's amenities, which include:

Meet Our Teachers

Native Speaking Experience


We take pride in knowing that our teachers provide each student with not only years of experience, but also an incomparable level of professionalism, native-speaking knowledge and most importantly: a love for teaching. Through this, we are able to guarantee each student an exceptional learning experience coupled with competitive lesson prices!