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SLI Full-Package

SLI Full-Package

We are more than a Language School...

Whether you are relocating to Prague for business, academic, or personal reasons, we strive to provide a full-range travel and living experience by arranging everything from your accommodation to public transportation vouchers.

Our SLI Full-Package is ideal for corporate and academic partnerships, as it is customisable to your personal or professional needs. Let us take care of your stay in Prague! Should this be of interest, please contact us directly for price quotes of our services.

Our Full-Package Services Include:

With our world becoming increasingly interconnected, speaking multiple languages can further your professional and personal reach. As our speciality is language teaching, let us give you the tools you need to succeed within our globalised community.

two people learning

No need to stress about taxis or car services. We will provide transportation to and from the Václav Havel International Airport to your accommodation.

airport transfer

Being a non-native speaker in a foreign country can be an intimidating experience; especially when health issues arise. At Spanish Language Institute, we care about the well-being of our students. Let us take care of the hassle of health insurance - if ever necessary.

Health Insurance

Prague has a beautiful cityscape with many charming neighbourhoods. As a student, we will provide you with centralised accommodation that will showcase the unique eccentricity of Prague!


Prague has a sprawling subway, tram and bus system that efficiently connects the city from both sides of the Vltava River. As a student, we will provide you with a public transportation voucher, which will guarantee a means of getting you to and from our facility to your accommodation.


As a student, you'll be given access to countless restaurants, canteens and cafeterias throughout the city in the form of a prepaid meal voucher.


If you live, study or work outside of Prague and wish to immerse yourself in the full culture of the city, this package is just for you!

Our SLI Full-Package Experience allows you to pick and choose which perks you would like to include during your mid-term or long-term stay in Prague.

Need airport transportation? How about a centrally located apartment that's within walking distance from our facility? Let us take care of all of the hassle that is associated with your trip.

Simply write us in our Contact Us Page describing your trip, time schedule and which benefits you’d like to include in your customised SLI Full-Package Experience. We can take the rest from there!

Any Questions?

Take a look at some of our FAQs...

When requesting the SLI Full-Package, can I customise it my own needs?

Of course! That’s the benefit of this Full-Package Experience.  Say you’re coming to Prague for six months (whether for work or personal reasons) and you want to learn Spanish, English or Czech during your stay.  You have the option of customising your own Full-Package Experience to include anything you think you’ll need.  Whether that’s airport transportation, accommodation, health insurance or meal vouchers.  All you have to do is write us in our Contact Us page detailing what you want to include in your Full-Package Experience.

How can I request a specific service under this Package?

It’s simple! By writing us a message in our Contact Us page!

What is your cancellation policy for this service Package?

It depends on what services you have requested for your custom package.  Please be aware that contract-committed services (such as accommodation or health insurance) will have a strict cancellation policy.  We recommend that you notify us as soon as possible should any impediments affect your commitment to any of our services.  We will do what we can to issue a full refund if possible.

I’m travelling to Prague with family. Can I include my family members into the services of this Package?

Of course! The more the merrier.  Simply write us in our Contact Us page detailing how many members of your family (or even friends and work colleagues) that you would like to include in your Full-Package Experience.

What are your payment options for this Package?

Our payment options include cash or direct bank transfer.  Once we agree on what services you would like to include in your Full-Package Experience, we can coordinate the specifics on bank transfer methods.  Any cash payment must be done in-person at our facility.  We’re located at: Krakovská 9, Prague 1.

How do I know if this Package is right for me?

Are you moving to Prague for work, school or personal sabbatical?  If so, this is the right choice for you! Our SLI Full-Package Experience is ideal for the professional, student or curious traveller who may find themselves in Prague for a longer-term timeline (6-8 months or more).  Please remember that you can always customise your package amenities based upon your particular timeline and personal necessities.

Still have a question? Drop us a line in our Contact Us page and we’ll be sure to get back to you as quickly as possible!