The Spanish Language Institute born in 2015 in order to provide accurate and responsible learning method to all people interested in Spanish.We are a language school with a very flexible mentality. Our main goal is to adapt best to our students to learn Spanish in the most effective and clear. Our group of teachers is highly qualified and has extensive experience in the field of education and foreign language teaching.

What do we do?

We make our students  improve  their  Spanish language skill; for this we offer innovative and interactive Spanish programs.

Why choose us?

For many reasons! Most important being that we are seriously passionate about teaching Spanish, and this in our opinion makes the difference. We invite you to check out the rest of the page and decide for yourselves.

What are the company values?

We do believe that to invest in the quality that we radiate over our students is to invest in our own evolution. Our philosophy is based on two key pillars which hold up our vision: maximum quality of teaching and a fair price for the service offered.

Where can you find us?

Currently we offer our services in Krakovská 9, 110 00 Prague.

Choose your payment method

– Cash
– Bank transfer

Payment must be done before the start of the course.
No deposit required.
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